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More than 700 custom made covers. Buy our boat covers now!


Marine covers for outboard engines, inflatable and boat covers. Our products are cheap, waterproof, custom made or standard, You will find more than 700 custom made covers.



Questions or doubts? SEE FAQ


Can I have my boat cover in another colour?

Yes, standard colour is white; on request, you can have it in blue. For custom orders, grey, beige and black are also available

How do I clean my boat cover?

A boat cover needs to be washed with water and ordinary detergents or Marseille soap. Do not use aggressive or undiluted products. Dry cleaning will irretrievably spoil both the textile fibre and the waterproofing vinyl.

What type of fabric is used for boat covers?

Nautical fabric in 100% polyester coated with vinyl chloride to ensure size stability, UV resistance and total waterproofing. The outer plastic layer makes cleaning easier.

How do I choose the best cover type for my boat?

Check the list below, and if you do not find the right answer, contact our Customer Support for assistance. Our technical staffs are constantly provided with daily updates on new models.