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TESSILMARE  is a factory which is born in a famous territory in North Italy : COMO and his lake well-known all over the world for its textile industries. Tessilmare has been established in 1947 and its tradition has been picked-up and carried on by three Rezzonico family generations.
Tessilmare, born as silk-factory thanks to Mr. Dino Luigi Rezzonico, under the management of the son Massimo has moved, in the long run, the attention towards the technical fabrics numerous application possibilities.

The passion for mechanics and his knowledge of chemistry, allowed Tessilmare to explore new fields and later to deal with products, which were until then excluded from the traditional production range. The most difficult field, the nautical one, offered the necessary goals in order that the factory could centre its efforts in only such a direction. Fabrics should not only resist human being and time, but also water, sun and salt.

The systematic and deep studying of materials and coatings led the factory to obtain the monopoly of European production of nautical fabrics.
In the meantime, the knowledge of the nautical field, of several boat builders and of their problems and needs, induced Tessilmare to attempt the production of technical accessories such as fender profiles, sun tops, boat covers etc…, taking the lead in this field too.
Tessilmare, thus, outlines anything better Italy can represent.

The creativeness, the care, the technology and the family bond allowed, within a sticky national economy, the birth and the progress of an indomitable factory still on the way of the continuous development after 68 years of activity.