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The various types of Tessilmare articles are made in four specific production departments.

Fabric production/treatment area:
the basic fabrics are treated and finished using sizing machines.  These machines plastic coat the fabrics, colour them and give them various grades of waterproofing depending on how they are to be used.

PVC extrusion area:
four ‘ultimate generation’ extruders are dedicated to the production of profiles in PVC for nautical use.  Coordination between the technical department and designers-planners means that Tessilmare can directly create its own moulds for extruding, designed and developed fully independently in order to ensure rapid lead times, lower costs and, when required, exclusivity.

Upholstery area:
the upholstery department has some of the latest machinery operated by expert staff who have been working with us for over forty years, corroborating and supporting the famous textile tradition of Como.  All the templates are meticulously and carefully held in safekeeping by Tessilmare to ensure that our customers can have “spare parts” even years later.

Production area and frame assembly for sun tops:
we can achieve a very high product standard because of using entirely automated cutting and bending machinery.  These devices were designed and developed by the technical staff of Tessilmare for specific requirements, thus making them unique in the world.  A second department carefully and attentively follows the assembly of the standard article.  For tailor made articles, personalised templates and drawings are used.

Tessilmare’s production is constantly updated and modernised to achieve a cutting edge product.  This production evolution is applied to materials, machinery, improvements to components and the development of new articles, and is research enabling us to give a lifetime warranty to our products.