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The inspiration behind Tessilmare (founded 1947) was the desire to create qualitative products in the nautical sector, with a special focus on their usefulness and wear resistance.

Demanding consumers’ expectations for a wide variety of products and product classes have encouraged the company to adopt specific quality control systems.

In addition, Tessilmare has always responsibly focused on direct production as the best guarantee for its designs and has always refused to market third-party products under its own brand. All items in our catalogue are designed and manufactured in our Sirtori mill. The technical department is always available for booking visits to the production site.

Unlike products from other manufacturers, our sunshades are wind tunnel tested for correct aerodynamic features and to make sure that all components perform optimally even in heavy conditions. Our quality controls of the individual sunshade parts and overall structure is so accurate that we can now safely GUARANTEE THIS PRODUCT FOR LIFE.

Our fabrics are periodically tested and inspected. Specialised third-party labs perform endurance tests. Internally, water column measurements are made to check waterproofing as well as tensile tests, for strength.