Our marine fabric for boats technical textiles are uv resistant and 100% waterproof.


Our marine technical textiles are UV resistant and 100% waterproof, they fit perfectly every needs in marine life: from boat console covers to seats covers and to renew sun tops.


A good nautical fabric must – be very lightweight, – occupy limited space, – be waterproof, – be very robust, – be resistant to UV rays, salt, wind, and chemical agents – be easy to clean.

As ambitious as offering a product with all these features might sound, this is precisely what we attained over 70 years in business. Using a fabric that is not specific for nautical purposes, that is, not designed specifically for boats, leads to numerous problems. For our nautical upholstery, we use only 100% polyester fibres coated in PVC to make them waterproof.


The lamination of our fabrics for boats and our coverings takes place with a special process: the liquid PVC is made to penetrate the fibre; it is not bonded!

This produces fabric for boats, for awnings, nautical covers and boat cover fabrics that are very lightweight, extremely durable and do not warp due to excess wind or transport on a trolley.

In addition, our boat fabric is perfectly washable because dirt does not penetrate the fibre and is rot-proof; PVC is resistant to mould. So do not worry if the boat sheet is stored while still damp.

Your boat cover has an extraordinary ability to hold its shape. Although small in size and very lightweight, you will need to store it in a small locker.

The upholstery sector for boats is vast and products offered are often suitable for home sunshades instead of being made exclusively for boating; visit a boat upholstery shop and they will show where the main differences lie. Nautical covers are mostly fabrics intended for furniture, while outdoor fabrics have a very different consistency, featuring characteristics such as watertightness, dimensional stability, stability against weather and chemical agents at high and low temperatures.


What is the useful life of a Tessilmare fabric?

Lighter items have an average 2 to 4 year life depending on use. Life of heavier items ranges from 3 to 7 years.

Can Tessilmare fabrics be welded?

Yes, all Tessilmare fabrics can be welded by various types of technologies.

How can seams be waterproofed?

Our production site has high-frequency welders that fully seal and waterproof seams.

How can I stitch Tessilmare fabrics?

All single-coated fabrics can be stitched by an ordinary machine with a single wheel carrier, with stitching to be made on the unplasticised part of fabric for better slip. For double-coated fabrics a machine with a double wheel carrier is recommended.

What are the available quantities and heights?

Tessilmare has manufactured technical fabrics for exteriors since 1947, our production departments are flexible and adapt easily to customers’ requests. Standard heights are 170 useful centimetres, whereas pack sizes range from 10 to 50 line metres.

What are the key features of nautical fabrics?

Nautical fabrics must be extremely light, not cumbersome and highly resilient. They must be strain resistant, i.e. neither stretch nor shrink too much. They must be treated for UV resistance, low/high temperature resistance, mouldproofing and solvent inertia.